Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Take Home Folder

The Take Home Folder Helps Your Child:

• Focus!

• Prioritize!

• Stay organized!

• Keep homework in one place!

• Safely and neatly keep track of papers for you to read!

Here’s all you do:

1. Share: Go over the Take Home Folder as soon as your child gets home from school.

2. Eat: Enjoy a healthy snack while you go through the items with her.

3. Sign/Pay: Be sure to read and sign any important papers. Remember to include any money as necessary. (Write a check whenever possible—it makes a great receipt.)

4. Break time: Send her outside to play. Fresh air will really help her brain.

5. Homework time: encourage your child to tackle her least favorite/most difficult assignment first. Set a timer and have her go for it! Gently remind her to check over her work when she has finished!

6. Finally: After she has finished all her “at home” assignments, have your child put her homework and signed paperwork in the “Bring Back” side of the Take Home folder! Having your child put everything back is a great recall tactic when she arrives at school the next day.

Do you have any homework hints? Be sure to leave me a comment.